Casino EuroSlots – welcome bonus, free spins and promo codes

Author: Jacob Burdett

How to start

The gaming entertainment industry has long been at the peak of its development, improving the technologies that are used to create the latest slots and live casino options, as well as hiring the best team that ensures that the casino does not stop working even for a second, as well as all customers were satisfied.

Many experienced gamblers have already visited a dozen casinos, but at the same time have not yet decided on the best option to date. This is because it is not so easy to do this, it takes a lot of time and effort, as well as special skills and knowledge that can only be acquired over time by trying various sites and evaluating offers from different angles.

But now it has become easier to choose the right online casino, because this review will help you in this, where we will consider absolutely all the main nuances of the game on such platforms. What you need to do in order to win, how to register an account on the site and so on. And today we are talking about EuroSlots Casino.

Important information about this casino that any user should know will immediately follow.

Firstly, it is an absolutely legal institution, which has the necessary license in order to operate in most of all countries of the world.

Secondly, this casino is notable for the precautionary measures taken to ensure that all the data of its customers remains completely safe and secure. What kind of measures are being taken?

If you delve into the three-part component, in a nutshell, after you log in to your account, all the data that you will use or urge will be encrypted in a special way. Only after they are automatically encrypted will they be transferred to the site server, so that leakage of personal information, data cards or other things simply cannot happen in any case.

All operations made on the site of this casino are absolutely legal.

In addition to the required security licenses, Euro Slots Casino also has the necessary license to provide gaming services to its users.

Tobin, you can play absolutely any slots without a twinge of conscience and fear of the police and the laws of your state.

In addition, the license obtained from the Malta Gaming Outcome is a guarantee of the quality of the services provided by the casino, which confirms the reliability of your choice.

The last, but not unimportant license that EuroSlots Casino has is an RNG license.

The Random Number Generator is a kind of computing program that can generate tens and even hundreds of thousands of numbers in milliseconds, thereby determining the player’s chances of getting in the way.

Each time, by clicking on the spin button, you start this same software, as a result, according to the results you can either lose your bet or increase it 10,000 times. It all depends on your luck, a combination of on-screen icons, and other factors.

Do not forget that you can both win a roofing sum of money and lose all your savings gained by your labor. It is necessary to clearly determine before you play, weigh the pros and cons, and only then proceed to register your account.

In addition, the site’s newcomers are offered a free play function with which you can test the slot.

Free play

We will begin to disassemble this interesting opportunity from the very beginning, in order to fully understand it.

Firstly, for all persons who have not yet reached the age of eighteen, gambling for real money is prohibited by law. You can rest assured that Casino EuroSlots will verify the data that you provided when registering, and if you have not yet reached the age of majority, then you won’t be able to get your winnings.

In addition to this, with the development of gambling and slots, more and more new casino users are appearing. Naturally, in order to play comfortably, they need to try the software that is on the site, deal with the rules of new slots, and so on.

And finally, there is a third category of people who simply do not want to risk their own savings with a ghostly chance to win the jackpot. They may like the game process and interest, but the risk is not justified anyway.

If you belong to one of these three categories, then the Free Play function was invented for you.

Casino EuroSlots offers an excellent opportunity to try out all the slots that are on the site, without even creating an account.

If you have already created it and entered, then just exit, after which you need to point to the slot, select the game for fun and that’s it. Launch the demo version of the slot, where you will have many credits, which you can manage as you want. You can put everything in 1 time and go out or divide into amounts, in general everything is in your hands.

In the event that you have run out of money on the account, just relog the site and everything will resume. Such an image, you can play endlessly, but it will be very disappointing to win a huge amount of money in this mod, because the same thing could happen with real money and then, you could feel really lucky.

In order to use this offer, there is no need to download third-party software. Just go to, and then everything will become clear to you.

Creating of an account

If the free play function is not for you, then in any case you have to register an account on the EuroSlots Casino website in order to play for real money.

Registration on the site is fast enough and not forced, absolutely everyone will be able to create an account, regardless of age and ability to use a computer.

EuroSlots Casino is really a very international platform that is played by people from many countries from around the world. Of course, this is beneficial both to the casino itself and to the gamblers.

But, due to the legislation of some countries, as well as a number of other reasons, it turns out that residents of far from all regions can register for playing at Euro Slots Casino.

Among the countries that are banned are Canada, England, the USA, France, Australia and some others. But, on the other hand, for residents of other countries, entry and registration are open.

By the way, if during the transition to the site you have various kinds of problems with downloading, then most likely in the territory of your country, access to the site is also blocked.

Well, the registration process itself will take you no more than five minutes. First, find in the upper right corner the registration button of the same name. After that, you need to click on it to open a special form, all fields of which are mandatory and the information will be checked before the withdrawal of funds, in order to be sure that you are not a scammer or interested person.

In order to make deposits, first you will need to activate your account.

This is done easily, at the end of registration you will receive a verification letter to the specified mobile phone number. By entering the code from it in a special field on the site, you will complete the registration process.

In addition, you will need to specify a lot of other personal information, including full name, age, city of residence and country and so on.

In general, if you simply follow all the instructions on the page, it will be very easy and simple.

Having more than one account on the site is strictly prohibited. If this is noticed by the administration of the casino, you can be punished. Usually, all bonuses credited to these accounts are debited, money is transferred to one, and the rest are blocked forever.

By the way, you can always block your account to finish the game on the site once and for all. But, in this case, in order to return again, you will need to contact the support service so that they regain access to the old account, and not create a new one.

By the way, in addition to SMS on your phone with a verification code, you are also required to receive a confirmation email.

There will be a link in it, by clicking on which you activate your account and you can already make deposits and play for real money.

Most often, this letter arrives within 5-10 minutes, if you do not receive it, then you can contact one of the convenient ways with support in order to clarify the details. Doing this is mandatory, because otherwise the registration will be incomplete.

After registration, you can keep track of absolutely all the details of payments and any transactions, as well as the history of bets, in special departments of the casino. Changing some of the information specified during registration will also not be difficult even for the weakest computer user.

Bonuses and promotions

Many modern online casinos attract the main client base with pleasant bonuses that every new player can receive, as well as various loyalty programs and VIP clubs for the most avid casino gamblers.

EuroSlots Casino is naturally not an exception to the rule, that’s why on the website you will find many promotions, bonus codes and promotional codes for receiving gifts.

All offers available at the moment can be found in your account, there you will find those that have already been used by you.

What is the entry bonus? Everything is quite simple, you can deposit up to 50 euros or dollars, depending on what currency you use for settlements on the site. It can also be selected in your account. After that, you will be credited with a bonus that doubles your deposit. That is, you will have $ 50 in the main game account and the same amount in the bonus account.

This gift applies only to new casino users who have not had a registered account before. There is of course the flip side of the coin. This is far from the best entry bonus not for wagering, not for bonus amount.

What are the pitfalls? Of course, not everything is so simple, because if you can not play wagering requirments within one week, then your bonus will simply burn. It can also be used only on the very first deposit at the casino, if you have already made a deposit and forgot about it, then this will not work for the second time.

By the way, this entry bonus is not the same for all countries. Your offer will depend on the region from which you register on the EuroSlots Casino website.

In addition to the introductory bonus, there are also various promotions, notifications about which you will receive using your email address or mobile phone. You can at any time refuse to receive letters from the casino if you wish. But, in this case, you can miss the wonderful opportunity to win even more money, so you act only at your own peril and risk.

Deposit and withdrawal

Depositing funds into an account has never been such a simple procedure as it is now.

At the moment, there are a huge number of methods that allow you to instantly transfer money from your wallet to an account in an online casino, while most are not even taxed, which makes this process even more enjoyable.

The minimum deposit amount at Euro Slots Casino is 10 euros. But to take advantage of present, deposit from 20 to 50 euros. But if from ten to twenty euros, the bonus will not be credited at all, so think a few times before making your first deposit in order to maximize the bonus funds received.

You will also find a table with all possible payment methods, as well as levied taxes on translation, transfer speed and other important data in this review. Just by looking at it, you can choose the most convenient payment method.

Each gambler has his own views on the ideal method, which is why there are so many here, in addition, it also increases the confidence of citizens in EuroSlots Casino, which plays into the hands of both one and the other participants of this bilateral contract.

All methods may not be available due to your location, so do not be discouraged if you find not all possible wallets that were in the table.

Funds are deposited in a special section, where you first need to choose with which card the payment will be transferred, then enter the details and wait until the money is transferred to the account. Basically, you don’t have to wait at all, but sometimes you have to reload the page.

The removal of trends is essentially the same simple and no different process from making deposits. Just do everything in the reverse order and there is one small nuance.

In order to be sure that you are not violating the rules of the site, before withdrawing money, depending on the amount to withdraw, your country and other factors, it may be necessary to verify the data of the casino client.

One cannot say for sure that absolutely all users go through this process, but in any case the majority.

Don’t be scared, there’s nothing wrong here. All you need to do is upload some documents that the administration will ask for.

This is an absolutely safe process that takes no more than a minute.

You take photos of your documents prepared in advance for this, then send them to the site and wait for the final decision on your issue.

If you do everything according to the instructions that are also on the website and in the Frequently Asked Questions section, then you will no longer be bothered with such a requirement. You can withdraw funds immediately when you wish.

Otherwise, you have to take photographs again and also wait indefinitely until they are checked.

Firstly, you must know that documents must be photographed so that absolutely all letters and numbers are clearly visible. In addition, all four corners of the document should also be in the picture or scan.

Then you simply make a request get your funds in fastest way, maximum five business days from the date of application.


Euro Slot is a great example of a quality casino. HERE and welcome bonus, excellent administration and support service.

Fast payouts, as well as many ways contribute to the welfare of the casino.

A large number of truly high-quality slots from global brands can be found only on

In any case, you will not regret it if you use the services of this gaming site, because it has earned its popularity in a truly honest way.